Although she was unaware of it until several years ago, Eileen was born with the capabilities of feeling other people's emotions, the feelings of animals, the earth's movements, and it's weather patterns. Her untrained receptiveness resulted in a very chaotic childhood and ultimately motivated her to begin her own journey of personal discovery.

Because of her experiences, Eileen strives to assist you in your own personal growth in a non-judgmental, clear minded, wise and loving way. Being an empath with emotional centering allows her to guide you through your emotions, so that you can see the bigger picture involved in your own situation.

We are truly all One, and the way we treat others is a reflection of how we treat ourselves.

Eileen endeavors to use love, truth and compassion to assist you with:

  • Clearing out old subconscious patterns and identifying hidden emotions that still create stress in your present life
  • Showing you your inner fears and ways to deal with them
  • Identifying the next level of self-growth you may wish to consider
  • Suggesting strategies to deal with difficult situations in love/relationships and money/career
  • Connections to resources within the metaphysical community
  • Moving unwanted energies down into Mother Earth to be transformed
  • Role playing - self identification: Coaching you to deal with others in your life
  • Identifying your shadow self (i.e. how are you afraid of being?)
  • New choices, parallels, and possibilities